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Techniques to make animated characters in Hollywood movies

  • Thursday, September 1, 2011
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  • Have you ever thought how the creature animation in Hollywood movies can look very real?, Very different from the character animation in film Indonesia. The answer of course, because Hollywood movies using the technique makes the film a highly sophisticated and modern.

    One technique often used by Hollywood film-maker in making the creature animation is the technique of lens flare filter, a technique in which the filmmakers use a custom character animation using original characters, but then given the effects of saturation and then menghaluskanya, so it will form the animated figure that looks very real

    Okay, as an example, I will give examples of the technique of making the main character Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Many who do not know, if in fact these figures are the original cast, namely Bill Nighly

    Davy Jones' famous as the creature that has tentacles that look disgusting. Many who thought that the tentacles are only make-up, whereas the overall character of Davy Jones' created by computers or CGI. Tentacles that live in wet slimy film was just visible polygon-polygon made by the team of the film maker

    When filming, Davy Jones, Bill Nighly robes motion-capture. This special robes were given markers to record the movement of Bill Nighly into the computer. To render this character, I suspect the crew of ILM using HDR image and ambient occlusion. So that the tentacles can be seen from realisits, use subsurface scattering shader.

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