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Avatar The Movie

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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  • The story is about the future, where Earth was experiencing tremendous energy crisis and thus require a new energy from outside the Earth. Humans eventually discovered the existence of energy and minerals is an incredible planet Pandora, a planet filled with beautiful lush forest, but there is a problem, where the Planet Atmosphere Pandora is not suitable for humans inhabited the Earth, besides that the planet is living natives called the The Na'vi, a people who have.

    For that purpose, a giant mining company that is believed to capture at Pandora Energy made a recruiting program called Avatar, which is program for making human beings can survive on Pandora. This program is an effort that succeeded in Genetic Engineering mixing human DNA with the DNA of indigenous people called the Pandora Na'vi which represents a Humanoid races are considered primitive, has a height of about 3 meters, a tail with a sparkling blue skin color, The Na'vi has long lived in harmony with nature in pandora.

    Narrated Jake Sully a former U.S. marine who was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down, including one who participated in the program this Avatar, where after joining the program will then allow it to be able to walk again, although changing its shape so it resembles the Na'vi. Jake then got an assignment to infiltrate into one of the Na'vi to open the entrance to master the forces of Earth are very precious minerals on Pandora.

    In a situation where Jake was saved by a woman from the the Na'vi named Neytiri, since Jake's point of view to be changed. Jake was taken to the headquarters of The Na'vi and he later became one of the Na'vi soldiers prepared to face the attack humans. Jake then undergo various tests and adventures - adventures that ultimately he was appointed to lead the Na'vi.

    In the end, Jake began to fall in love with Neytiri finds himself caught between the needs of the military industry in the Earth and save Pandora and The Na'vi, he must choose the side where he must fight.

    This photo is the secret behind making the film avatar

    Secrets Behind Transformers

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  • Transformers the movie-making requires expertise and high level hardware specifications. The sophistication of the robots in this film did not escape from the hard work of its director, Michael Bay, as well as a visual effects company founded by George Lucas, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Cooperation both produce cars, airplanes, and heavy equipment that can turn into giant robots that can move swiftly.

    Research and development of animation technologies to create character depth in the Transformers have been started since the first film. To create the character corresponding icon Transformer cartoon series, as quoted from various sources, the production team working team Hasbro, the toy company creators Transformer model.

    Production designer Jeff Mann's first Transformers was instrumental in creating a real live action robot that was originally just a cartoon. To create a robot character, it takes thousands of component pieces that are put together into a giant robot. Through digital techniques, a team of special effects to create the components are then put dots so that the movement is more easily moved later.

    If all components of each robot character in the film arranged side by side, it could reach 290 kilometers in length or width of the state of California. After assembling each component, the next challenge is to make robots that move.

    "People think a giant robot must move slowly but Michael Bay wanted agile robot ninja and action-packed," says ILM Digital Production Supervisor Jeff White. In order to make it happen, the production team collected various stunt scenes footage for later imitated his movements on the animated robots.

    This suspenseful film presents many wonders of animation. Not only the action of Optimus Prime and his partner, the film is also decorated with an explosion due to battle robots. Explosions that appeared were not all of which are animated.

    The reason, unknown production team also uses the original use of explosives is planned. The end result, Autobot or Decepticon look very detailed and has flawless movement.

    Autodesk - Best Visual Effects in Hollywood Film

  • Monday, August 29, 2011
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  • Inception, Harry Potter, or the Black Swan is a handful of the dozens of Hollywood films are successful in the market. All this thanks to the ingenuity of the visual effects Autodesk.Proses transformation superb views of the city on film 'Inception' could happen thanks to the help of visual effects software from Autodesk, Inc.. which indicate that the Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation has been used for 16 consecutive years in the film winning Best Visual Effects at the Oscars.

    "We are very pleased with the victory of 'Inception' and users of Autodesk long, Double Negative," said Marc Petit, senior vice president of Autodesk Media & Entertainment, in his statement.

    "Double Negative team did a remarkable job in bringing the audience into the main character's dreams with innovative visual effects that seamlessly combine elements of digital special effects and live-action footage," said Petit.

    Here are some movies Autodesk users who have achieved success
    1. Inception. Autodesk used to create an unforgettable visual landscape where dreams and reality become one in a complicated story about the rescue. Double Negative VFX using the device to fold the entire city block in Paris into the city itself, establishing a broad expanse of modern buildings and demolish dilapidated buildings into the sea.

    2. Alice in Wonderland, characters are computer-generated (CG) of the viewer to interact with live action, the characters are stretched and distorted to make it look very different from their appearance in the real world. Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI), a provider of major facilities on the project, using Autodesk Maya software, Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Mudbox.

    3. Iron Man 2. ILM, which has created 527 effects shots in this film, creating the Iron Man outfit extraordinary and spectacular action scenes using the help of Maya and Flame. Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation Tool is also important in pre-visualization work, The Third Floor (700 unique shot) this.

    4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. MPC (180 shots), Framestore (100 shots), Baseblack (250 shots), Cinesite (100 shots), Double Negative (190 shots) and Rising Sun Pictures created the digital characters from other worlds and the effects that inhabit the world Harry and Hogwarts, including the Deatheater, Dementors, the transformation of character, a digital copying, fire and battle.

    5. Hereafter. Opened with incredible scenes of the tsunami disaster that destroyed much of the coastline of Thailand in 2004. To create photorealistic CG water scenes, Scanline VFX uses Autodesk 3ds Max software for modeling, animation, rigging, clothing and hair simulation. The entire simulation of water and fire were created using proprietary fluid simulation systems, flowlines, which is integrated with 3ds Max and V-Ray for rendering; for simulating a collection of people with motion capture, Scanline using Motion Builder.

    6. The Lost Thing. Co-director Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan from Passion Pictures Australia using a variety of Digital Music Creation software to tell the story of a boy and a creature that he found the beach. Autodesk Softimage software used for modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, dynamics and particle effects; Autodesk Smoke software for online mastering and conform; and Autodesk Lustre for color grading.

    7. The Gruffalo. Directed by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang of Magic Light Pictures, turn this classic storybook using a combination of Maya for Animation, Autodesk Combustion for compositing and Mudbox for sculpting texturing and shot 450.

    8. Black Swan. Stipan team of Technicolor New York using the software Lustre for color grading done in this film, while LOOK Effects, Inc.. using Maya to create the 210 visual effects shots, including a stunning transformation of actress Natalie Portman to be the Black Swan.

    9. True Grit. EFILM using Eworks, workflow built in Lustre, to do the coloring in a remake of the classic western movie Coen Brothers' work, using earthy colors and dusty.

    Technics CGI Animation Technology

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  • Certainly not a few of us who questioned the technology what and how films are created creative. Apparently, the key to making these films is a graphical computer application called computer generated imagery (CGI). With this software can create 3D images complete with a variety of desired effects.   Some software is popular among other CGI Art of Illusion (can be downloaded at, Maya, Blender, and others.

    CGI is an engineering application of computer graphics technology for the manufacture of specially effects (special effects) in the film. Software (software / program) a computer that is usually used in the application of CGI include 3ds Max, Blender, Light Wafe 3D, Maya, Softimage and Autodesk. CGI or also called Computer-generated imagery is a good visual-visual form of still photographs and film / advertising / interactive element in a website that was created with computer graphics software. Visuals generated by the CGI process is usually put forward the elements of photo-realistic or resemblance to the original. (Computer-Generated Imagery). CGI technology is making the resulting picture is better and looks like real.  Glen Taylor, the founder and director of operations James Taylor, a CGI company domiciled in the UK say that now we can find many images produced by CGI, in part or in whole. Starting from the animated film, video & computer games, special effects in films & TV commercials, interactive content on the website and in the manufacture of a visual photography.

    CGI technology development continues to be reported each year at the annual SIGGRAPH conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, attended by tens of thousands of computer professionals. Here the figures behind the creation of animated images meet. It is not impossible that one day the animators Indonesia would be a lot of talk on the world stage.

    Origins of Film Cartoon / Animation

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  • Animation
    is a technique that a lot of wear in the film world today, both as a unified whole, part of a film, and united with the film live. Actually rooted in the world of film photography, while rooted in the world of animated drawings, which illustrate graphic design (visual communication design). Through their history, both photography and illustration have new dimensions and forms in the live and animated films.

    It could be argued that the animation is a medium that was born from the two conventions or disciplines, namely clan movie images. To understand the clan wear the animation technique, both the convention must be understood and to understand.

    Film, usually used for recording a state, or express something. Movies used to fulfill a common requirement, namely to communicate an idea, message or reality. Because of the uniqueness of its dimensions, the clan because of the nature of entertainment, the film has been accepted as one of the audio visual media the most popular and loved. Because it is also regarded as the most effective medium.

    To be able to use the film medium there are two main problems to be faced, namely technical problems clan movie suggests a technical problem something premises film or so-called presentation techniques. Likewise, there is to know in the animated film, the animation technique problems, and communicate technical problem something with the animation techniques. Frequent communication techniques more familiar words of art said to communicate.

    In actual fact this is very closely related to various fields of art, whether visual or verbal or teateral. For a communications planner, this activity is very important to understand. A filmmaker will be facing a technical problem of making films and art of making movies.

    All the things written in this discussion, not a limitation, but a way of seeing and a summary of issues that must be

    Origins of Film Animation Techniques
    Human desire to create an image or santiran (image) that lives and moves as pantara of disclosure (expression) them,
    embodies the basic form of animation that life evolved. The word itself is actually animated adaptation of the word animation, which comes from the word to animate, in a general English-Indonesian dictionary meaning turn (Wojowasito 1997). In general the animation is an activity switch, move inanimate objects; An inanimate object is given a boost of strength, spirit and emotions to be alive and moving, or just a memorable life.

    Actually, since ancient times, humans have tried menganimasi their motion pictures of animals, as found by the archaeologist in northern Spain Lascaux cave, had lived two hundred thousand years; They tried to catch the animals run fast motion, such as wild boar, bison or horses, he described with eight legs in different positions and stacked (Hallas and Manvell 1973:23).

    The ancient Egyptians turned their image with the order of pictures of the wrestlers who are struggling, as wall decorations. Created around
    in 2000 BC (Thomas 1958:8)

    Ancient Japanese painting shows a plot of the living, by deploying coils painting, made in the Heian period (794-1192) (Americana encyclopedias volume 19, 1976). Then came the toy called Thaumatrope around the 19th century in Europe, a sheet of thick cardboard discs, a picture of birds in a cage, which both sides left a rope tied to his right, when twisted by hand will give the bird moving images santir (Laybourne 1978:18) .

    Until the 1880s, Jean Marey portrait using a continuous record streak of movement of birds flying, human activities and other animals. A tool that became the forerunner of film cameras is a growing life to date. And in 1892, Emile Reynauld developed a toy called Praxinoscope ayng animated images, a series of hundreds of animated images are rotated and projected on a mirror into a motion movie, a tool precursor in cinema projector (Laybourne 1978:23).

    Both novice filmmaker cinema, comes from the French, dianggapsebagai initial opening of the development of animated film techniques (Encyclopedia
    AmericanavoLV1, 1976:740

    Ten years later after the movie of life improved greatly in his late 19th century. In 1908, Emile Cohl beginners of French film
    simple animation of a matchstick figure. The series of pictures blabar black (black line) made on a white sheet, was photographed with the film negative so that the visible figure and background to white to black.

    While in the United States of Winsor McCay (see picture beside) animated film "Gertie the Dinosaur" in 1909. Blabar figures drawn in black with a white background. Following in the following years the American animator animated films began developing the technique around 1913 to the early 1920s; Max Fleischer to develop "Ko Ko The Clown" and Pat Sullivan to make "Felix The Cat". The series of drawings made as simple as possible, where the figure is drawn blabar unite black or black shadow against a background of basic blabar black or made otherwise. McCay create a formula film with
    computation time, 16 times per second in motion pictures.

    Fleischer and Sullivan have made use of animation techniques sell, that is transparent sheets of celluloid material (Celluloid) called ldquo; cell ".
    Another beginner in Germany, Lotte Reineger, in 1919, developing animated films shadows, and Bertosch of France, in the 1930 animated film making experimental pieces with figures derived from pieces of wood. The following figure is a figure "Gertie The Dinosaurs", and "Felix the Cat"

    George Pal started using the dolls as a figure in a short animated film, in 1934 in the Netherlands. And Alexsander Ptushko from Russia
     length puppet animation film "The New Gulliver" in 1935.

    In 1935 Len Lye from Canada, started drawing directly on film after entering the renewal of the color film through the film "Color of Box". The development of the most important animated film technique, which is around the 1930's. Where the animated film appears sound pioneered by Walt Disney of the United States, through the movie "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck" and "Silly Symphony" made during 1928 to 1940.

    In 1931 Disney animated film in the first color film "Flowers and Trees". And the length of the first animated cartoon movie made Disney in 1938, the film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

    Thus the origin of the development of film animation technique that continues to evolve with the style and characteristics of each manufacturer in various countries in Europe, in America and spread through countries in Asia. Especially in Japan, a cartoon developed rapidly there, until this year in the decade to master cartoon animated film market here with distinctive characteristics and style.

    variety of image processing software

  • Sunday, August 28, 2011
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  • Whether as a hobby or for the pleasure of photographing me so happy to collect image processing applications, both freeware and shareware. Just wanted to share a list of image processing application, then I try to write down a list of the software briefly and a little information gained from a variety of media and of course also based on his own experience.In principle when we take pictures / photographs either through a digital camera, mobile cameras, or scanners, have diverse characteristics and of course this is heavily influenced by hardware factors and conditions when we take an object image. If we are not satisfied with the photos that we've got it helps us process them first using image processing software, the goal is certainly to improve the quality of the photos we have taken or may simply want to give the effect or variations in the images we though.  Software that I list below some dihkususkan to professional circles, but also for beginners and intermediate.

    1. Adobe Photoshop CS 3 - for professional (their site at
    This software is the most popular for professionals. This software gives a lot of freedom for users to do the work, as well as the flexibility to provide special effects on images that may be made by a third party (plug in).

    2. Light Zone 1.7-to Professional (
    This software according to its developers created by photographers and it is intended for professional photographers. This software offers a concept (dark digital zoom) or what we call a digital darkroom. But for the layman penguna I think this software will be very easy to understand because it's display interface is very simple and informative to be able to do try n error once when a beginner using this software.

    3. Corel Photo-Paint Shop Pro for the middle class (
    From the title you might think this software will be slightly similar to the default Windows paint application. Yap ... The program interface is a little like paint but has more features captivating as it also looks more communicative and easy to use.

    4. Adobe Photoshop Elements, for the beginner (
    This software is actually a simple formation of Adobe Photoshop CS. The goal of this software released by its developers are aiming for the target novice users who have difficulty using photoshop professionals. This software is fairly easy to use and not resource used by Photoshop professionals but the results are pretty good quality.

    5. Ulead PhotoImpact-to middle-class (
    Software is arguably the most complete package of image processing is quite comfortable to use. advantages of this software is its ability to create a variety of invitation cards, greeting cards, labels, calendars, and even sharing photos and greeting cards by email. In addition PhotoImpact also provides special tools to create 3-dimensional appearance.

    6. PainBuster-for beginners (
    As with other image processing, even this software can help make arrangements lighting on the photos taken on the rising conditions with minimal or photos taken with phone camera without flash. The surplus of this software is the type of image formats are supported by more than 200 file formats, in addition to the software is suitable for amateur to professional users.

    7. PhotoPlus-to middle-class (
    PhotoPlus software is very simple but great photo quality processed products professional-quality photo processing software. Lots of unique features offered by this software. Even more charming is also classified into this software freeware or free without time limit. Although available for free but also a variety of effects that can enhance your photos.

    8.The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulator Program)-for professionals (
    Judging from the title we can already guess that this software is free, yes because it was developed by a community of lovers of graphic design. But make no mistake this software can also be aligned with other professional software. High flexibility when processing the image is one of the advantages they have. This software is also available for various operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS.

    9. Magic Phot-Clinic for the middle class (
    This software is very easy to use and supplemented by a variety of ready-made effects and of course free. Suitable for the beginner to intermediate while its capacity is quite limited but the weakness is covered by the freeware license.

    10. Picasa-for beginners (
    Viewed from the site certainly has something to do with the greatest search engine in the world. Yes indeed picasa is made by the owner of an online search portal Google. Picasa has an amazing ability. His ability in processing digital images and store them into different formats can have no doubt because it's processed products are very good, but the most important is that a free license

    11. Photobie-to medium Langan (
    last list of image processing software which is occupied by Photobie of course, can process the image that is good enough with photoshop kind of layering technique. This is why this software is arguably have the ability medium. do not forget this software makers to license this software into freeware alias free. Other advantages is that it can record the screen, create GIF animations, and the ability to process many images at one time (batch).

    The origin of Photoshop

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  • An image (picture / photo) can serve as a medium that can provide the information submitted to people. Easier for people to understand a message just by looking at pictures than to read the text. When found sebuh pamphlets, brochures, and booklets of the first visits are the pictures then create a mix of information disampaikan.

    For images and text required specialized skills in designing an image. Besides supposedly able to develop ideas as well at least should know about combining colors and fashion colors. Graphic designer better known as the lead role in creating a quality image that can create the look of the cover of several publications such as books or magazines, brochures, booklets, leaflets, banners, catalogs and other similar publications to be impressive.

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF A professor from Michigan (USA) named Glenn Knol makes an experiment to process images digitally. With a makeshift tool, the professor worked hard in the dark room (dark room) his personal property. He has two children named: John Knoll and Thomas Knoll. Both the child to continue the ideals of his father to create a digital image processing program tersebut.sort story, the two brothers finally succeeded in creating an image processing application program while it is still simple. Above findings, a company called Image Scan provides the license. But after one year, the license was taken over by Adobe Corporation. Then the image processing program is given name Adobe Photoshop. 

    The latest version is version 9 or better known as the Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Creative Suite). Indeed, at the beginning of the creation of Photoshop is only intended for image processing (photography).  Thomas Knoll and his team eventually develop Photoshop for various purposes such as: web design (Image Ready), publishing (Photoshop), animation (Image Ready), Digital painting (Photoshop), and other fields.The web design and graphic design are more likely to use Adobe Photoshop to help work in their respective fields because it is easy to use, has a bright color, supports plug-ins from third party, and the output results are fantastic.

    Prime Tutorial - Creating Fire Woman

  • Saturday, August 27, 2011
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  • This time we will create a photo manipulation that looks as if - if the image object such as a person in the photo surrounded by fire ... is the opposite of "Lady in the Water" hehehe ...

    Jump start, I created this tutorial which I posted a similar same .. until the details? hehehe ...

    after that ... Render image drag yg ane sertain earlier ... and cut his right hand for left hand dikasihin'm not there do not forget in duplicate (Ctrl + J) ...

    Continue to dispose of his subordinates who had been cut off ... continue to Flatten (Layer>> Flatten Image) will surely converge ... if it were so live drag again or enter the first page that we created earlier

    aih work in this layer, press Ctrl + J Gan .. 've gt change Blendingnya Color trs jd neh warnain pk layer above the orange kek yg td gan

    Let it felt real hot gan ... mgkin da other way ... tp my lg jg jd lern us FreshTea aja gan (Take Yummy ... wkwkwk aj)

    Replace Background and White jd Foregroundnya item gan ...

    Already it gan? We make a new layer lg, we now make the fire, kl udah bkin lg new layer .. Then click the Add a layer style trs choose Outer Glow.

    After that going to appear Docker Windows kek below gan ...

    Click on the box no. 1, replace the color red jd gan ... and change Blendingnya HardLight jd .. do the same thing on the inner glownya gan cm inner glow difference is ane jd orange color change ...

    Trs lived Replace the brush fire brushnya Gan (rons__flames) trs tempatin aj tuh gan brushnya at will (meaning click where yg mo gan given fire ... wkwkwk) would kek below gan ...
    Download Brush Fire 1 - rons__flames [download here]
    For how to install brushes in photoshop already described in the Basic Photoshop tutorial live searchable gan

    Activate Layer 1 gan ... forgot

    If already active ... bkin new layer lg gan ... love trs yg kek effect on td ... langkah2nya same aj gan ... link above to proceed?

    Download Brush Fire 2 - LadyVictoire_Flares [download here]
    Trs brushnya change to "LadyVictoire_Flares_2" click aj tuh ex behind my head ... xixixi ....

    Then Make New Layer lg gan ... love the same effect lg

    Download Brush Fire 3 - SS-Arcane-circles [download here]
    Trs change brushnya lg to "SS-Arcane-circles" click ditengah2 gan gan ... my ex had wkwkwk ... udah deh so ...

    The result is more or less like this:

    Gan NB: I included all dah ... ane jd g repot2 donlot brushnya have ... hehehe ....
    Good luck with photoshop tutorial

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