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variety of image processing software

  • Sunday, August 28, 2011
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  • Whether as a hobby or for the pleasure of photographing me so happy to collect image processing applications, both freeware and shareware. Just wanted to share a list of image processing application, then I try to write down a list of the software briefly and a little information gained from a variety of media and of course also based on his own experience.In principle when we take pictures / photographs either through a digital camera, mobile cameras, or scanners, have diverse characteristics and of course this is heavily influenced by hardware factors and conditions when we take an object image. If we are not satisfied with the photos that we've got it helps us process them first using image processing software, the goal is certainly to improve the quality of the photos we have taken or may simply want to give the effect or variations in the images we though.  Software that I list below some dihkususkan to professional circles, but also for beginners and intermediate.

    1. Adobe Photoshop CS 3 - for professional (their site at
    This software is the most popular for professionals. This software gives a lot of freedom for users to do the work, as well as the flexibility to provide special effects on images that may be made by a third party (plug in).

    2. Light Zone 1.7-to Professional (
    This software according to its developers created by photographers and it is intended for professional photographers. This software offers a concept (dark digital zoom) or what we call a digital darkroom. But for the layman penguna I think this software will be very easy to understand because it's display interface is very simple and informative to be able to do try n error once when a beginner using this software.

    3. Corel Photo-Paint Shop Pro for the middle class (
    From the title you might think this software will be slightly similar to the default Windows paint application. Yap ... The program interface is a little like paint but has more features captivating as it also looks more communicative and easy to use.

    4. Adobe Photoshop Elements, for the beginner (
    This software is actually a simple formation of Adobe Photoshop CS. The goal of this software released by its developers are aiming for the target novice users who have difficulty using photoshop professionals. This software is fairly easy to use and not resource used by Photoshop professionals but the results are pretty good quality.

    5. Ulead PhotoImpact-to middle-class (
    Software is arguably the most complete package of image processing is quite comfortable to use. advantages of this software is its ability to create a variety of invitation cards, greeting cards, labels, calendars, and even sharing photos and greeting cards by email. In addition PhotoImpact also provides special tools to create 3-dimensional appearance.

    6. PainBuster-for beginners (
    As with other image processing, even this software can help make arrangements lighting on the photos taken on the rising conditions with minimal or photos taken with phone camera without flash. The surplus of this software is the type of image formats are supported by more than 200 file formats, in addition to the software is suitable for amateur to professional users.

    7. PhotoPlus-to middle-class (
    PhotoPlus software is very simple but great photo quality processed products professional-quality photo processing software. Lots of unique features offered by this software. Even more charming is also classified into this software freeware or free without time limit. Although available for free but also a variety of effects that can enhance your photos.

    8.The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulator Program)-for professionals (
    Judging from the title we can already guess that this software is free, yes because it was developed by a community of lovers of graphic design. But make no mistake this software can also be aligned with other professional software. High flexibility when processing the image is one of the advantages they have. This software is also available for various operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS.

    9. Magic Phot-Clinic for the middle class (
    This software is very easy to use and supplemented by a variety of ready-made effects and of course free. Suitable for the beginner to intermediate while its capacity is quite limited but the weakness is covered by the freeware license.

    10. Picasa-for beginners (
    Viewed from the site certainly has something to do with the greatest search engine in the world. Yes indeed picasa is made by the owner of an online search portal Google. Picasa has an amazing ability. His ability in processing digital images and store them into different formats can have no doubt because it's processed products are very good, but the most important is that a free license

    11. Photobie-to medium Langan (
    last list of image processing software which is occupied by Photobie of course, can process the image that is good enough with photoshop kind of layering technique. This is why this software is arguably have the ability medium. do not forget this software makers to license this software into freeware alias free. Other advantages is that it can record the screen, create GIF animations, and the ability to process many images at one time (batch).

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