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Technics CGI Animation Technology

  • Monday, August 29, 2011
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  • Certainly not a few of us who questioned the technology what and how films are created creative. Apparently, the key to making these films is a graphical computer application called computer generated imagery (CGI). With this software can create 3D images complete with a variety of desired effects.   Some software is popular among other CGI Art of Illusion (can be downloaded at, Maya, Blender, and others.

    CGI is an engineering application of computer graphics technology for the manufacture of specially effects (special effects) in the film. Software (software / program) a computer that is usually used in the application of CGI include 3ds Max, Blender, Light Wafe 3D, Maya, Softimage and Autodesk. CGI or also called Computer-generated imagery is a good visual-visual form of still photographs and film / advertising / interactive element in a website that was created with computer graphics software. Visuals generated by the CGI process is usually put forward the elements of photo-realistic or resemblance to the original. (Computer-Generated Imagery). CGI technology is making the resulting picture is better and looks like real.  Glen Taylor, the founder and director of operations James Taylor, a CGI company domiciled in the UK say that now we can find many images produced by CGI, in part or in whole. Starting from the animated film, video & computer games, special effects in films & TV commercials, interactive content on the website and in the manufacture of a visual photography.

    CGI technology development continues to be reported each year at the annual SIGGRAPH conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, attended by tens of thousands of computer professionals. Here the figures behind the creation of animated images meet. It is not impossible that one day the animators Indonesia would be a lot of talk on the world stage.

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