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Secrets Behind Transformers

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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  • Transformers the movie-making requires expertise and high level hardware specifications. The sophistication of the robots in this film did not escape from the hard work of its director, Michael Bay, as well as a visual effects company founded by George Lucas, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Cooperation both produce cars, airplanes, and heavy equipment that can turn into giant robots that can move swiftly.

    Research and development of animation technologies to create character depth in the Transformers have been started since the first film. To create the character corresponding icon Transformer cartoon series, as quoted from various sources, the production team working team Hasbro, the toy company creators Transformer model.

    Production designer Jeff Mann's first Transformers was instrumental in creating a real live action robot that was originally just a cartoon. To create a robot character, it takes thousands of component pieces that are put together into a giant robot. Through digital techniques, a team of special effects to create the components are then put dots so that the movement is more easily moved later.

    If all components of each robot character in the film arranged side by side, it could reach 290 kilometers in length or width of the state of California. After assembling each component, the next challenge is to make robots that move.

    "People think a giant robot must move slowly but Michael Bay wanted agile robot ninja and action-packed," says ILM Digital Production Supervisor Jeff White. In order to make it happen, the production team collected various stunt scenes footage for later imitated his movements on the animated robots.

    This suspenseful film presents many wonders of animation. Not only the action of Optimus Prime and his partner, the film is also decorated with an explosion due to battle robots. Explosions that appeared were not all of which are animated.

    The reason, unknown production team also uses the original use of explosives is planned. The end result, Autobot or Decepticon look very detailed and has flawless movement.

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