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Avatar The Movie

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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  • The story is about the future, where Earth was experiencing tremendous energy crisis and thus require a new energy from outside the Earth. Humans eventually discovered the existence of energy and minerals is an incredible planet Pandora, a planet filled with beautiful lush forest, but there is a problem, where the Planet Atmosphere Pandora is not suitable for humans inhabited the Earth, besides that the planet is living natives called the The Na'vi, a people who have.

    For that purpose, a giant mining company that is believed to capture at Pandora Energy made a recruiting program called Avatar, which is program for making human beings can survive on Pandora. This program is an effort that succeeded in Genetic Engineering mixing human DNA with the DNA of indigenous people called the Pandora Na'vi which represents a Humanoid races are considered primitive, has a height of about 3 meters, a tail with a sparkling blue skin color, The Na'vi has long lived in harmony with nature in pandora.

    Narrated Jake Sully a former U.S. marine who was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down, including one who participated in the program this Avatar, where after joining the program will then allow it to be able to walk again, although changing its shape so it resembles the Na'vi. Jake then got an assignment to infiltrate into one of the Na'vi to open the entrance to master the forces of Earth are very precious minerals on Pandora.

    In a situation where Jake was saved by a woman from the the Na'vi named Neytiri, since Jake's point of view to be changed. Jake was taken to the headquarters of The Na'vi and he later became one of the Na'vi soldiers prepared to face the attack humans. Jake then undergo various tests and adventures - adventures that ultimately he was appointed to lead the Na'vi.

    In the end, Jake began to fall in love with Neytiri finds himself caught between the needs of the military industry in the Earth and save Pandora and The Na'vi, he must choose the side where he must fight.

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